Each course offers four credit hours.

These courses are offered on a graduate and undergraduate level. When classes are combined, distinct syllabus will be issued. Master level students will always have a research project connected with the course. This includes a list of courses generally offered.  Not all courses are listed.

I Corinthians 
Here is a church that came to birth through the mighty ministry of the Apostle Paul. Several years into their existence, they found themselves plagued with problems, such as sexual immorality, drunkenness, selfishness, abuse of spiritual gifts, preacher-religion, arrogance, taking each other to court, misunderstanding of future things, chaos in worship, and malicious slander. Paul corrects each problem with the wisdom of God and gives practical instruction for the church to be balanced, orderly, and healthy.
II Corinthians
This is a letter of encouragement. This is Paul’s most autobiographical letter! So much insight into his personal life comes to light. So many instructions about a ministry of integrity is shared.
I, II, III John
What does fellowship Divine mean?  A study of God’s love and how it is expressed in the community of believers! Attention will be given to critical doctrines upon which Christianity is built!
I and II Peter 
An in-depth analysis of these two great Epistles that were written to encourage and comfort a church under the fire of persecution and severe trial. Great subjects are considered, including; submission, the Second Coming of Christ, family life, the meaning of trials, the danger of false teachers, and so much more.
I and II Timothy
Great pastoral advice on how to manage church, how to qualify for leadership, how to discern sound doctrine, how to keep the faith and much more. This will be a verse-by-verse analysis of these three great epistles.
I and II Thessalonians
An in-depth study of these two letters that deal with prophecy, evangelism, sanctification, and other issues that press upon the Christian community.
A dramatic, fast moving narration of the birth, infancy and growth of the early church!  How was the church born?  What principles contribute to church growth?  What problems plague the primitive church?  A great tracing of Paul’s missionary journeys!
How can we help people break free from destructive behavior? What are the root causes of addiction and how can they be uprooted? What therapies can be employed to assist in the deliverance? How does the Bible harmonize with 12 step programs that are promoted today?
Angels and Demons
Much confusion surrounds the world of the supernatural. What is the clear teaching of the Bible on angels? What are their names, classifications, functions, abilities, destinies, etc? What about demons? What are they capable of doing to people? What access do they have to believers? What limitations are placed upon powers of darkness?
Attributes of God
The nature of God has many dimensions that create a sense of wonder and worship within us. What are the communicable attributes of God and what are the incommunicable attributes of God? How can an understanding of the nature of God impact our daily walk?
Changing People
What methods and principles can be used to help people experience practical change? What are the objectives of real change and how can that be evaluated? What goes into serving as a change agent?
Christian Wellness
“Being every wit whole” involves financial soundness, mental health, physical strength, spiritual power and family harmony. How can this holistic goal be met? What disciplines promote wellness?
Church Growth Dynamics
A look at some of the growing churches of our day and how they are operating ministry. What are the Bible principles for church growth and how can a pastor balance out contemporary methods with the biblical message? What are some of the innovative and creative programs churches are using that find biblical support? How can a church be visionary and “cutting edge” and yet maintain spirituality and integrity?
Church History I – the first thousand years. 
A survey of the history of Christianity with attention given to personalities, events, movements, ecclesiastical decisions, and controversies that have given shape to the Church as it exists today.  From the Apostolic Period to the Reformation.
Church History II – covering the middle 700 years. 
A survey of the development of Christianity from the Reformation to the present time.
Church History III 
A survey of the development of Christianity, covering the history of last two hundred years. Attention will be given to key personalities and events that have shaped the church today.
A book of predictive prophecy and stories of courageous faith! This book outlines humanity’s history and shows activities that will take place at the consummation of all things. An amazing study of miraculous insight.
What are the symptoms of depression and how can it be addressed? What are the types and categories of depression? What tools and techniques can be used to help people who struggle in this area?
Developing a Children’s Ministry
A children’s ministry is vital to the health of any church. What tools and techniques are required for a fruitful ministry in this area? Successful models will be analyzed.
Development of Christian Education Ministry
A church must provide a department of education to fulfill the Great Commission. What is education? What is Christian education? How can a church put this ministry in place in terms of facilities, material, tools, management, curriculum, and implementation?
Developing  a Youth Ministry 
How can a leader organize and manage teen ministry? What methods are working for modern teens? What biblical truths will  help teens with their special challenges?
Dynamics of Evangelism 
A study of the mandate given to the Church and the methods needed to fulfill it. What are the biblical examples of winning  souls? What principles can be applied to successful outreach? Focus will be given to global evangelism. Study will be made of the history of world missions and key personalities that paved the way for modern efforts.
Effective Teaching
What are the tools and techniques that make teaching exciting and effectual? This course will analyze teaching models and learning styles.
Effective Pastoral Leadership 
Many different leadership styles will be analyzed. The obstacles to the ministry will be identified. The potentials of ministry will be examined. How can a minister organize his time, set his priorities, manage conflict, carry out ministry, and oversee the many operations of a church?
Esther: The Story of Providence
Here is a delightful story that provides insight into God’s providence, the power of prayer, the strategies of Satan, the perseveration of God’s covenant, and much more.
Fruit of the Spirit
The character of Christ is reflected in this cluster of fruit described by Paul. How do these qualities of grace manifest in everyday life? How can this fruit be cultivated? How do they relate to one another?
Paul wrote this letter in a spirit of urgency and zeal. It is red hot with passion as Paul defends freedom. What was it that was threatening liberty? What is Christian liberty? How does liberty relate to responsibility? Legalism will be identified and unveiled. Paul’s method of doing battle with heresy will be celebrated.
Genesis I and II
Genesis is the seed plot of the Bible. It is the foundation for all that follows in Scripture. Great themes are introduced. It is important that we properly interpret this book and make sure the foundation is stable. Great stories will be analyzed – Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the origin of languages, the migration of Israel into Egypt. Great personalities will be discussed – Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph.
Hebrews is the New Testament answer to Leviticus.  How does Christ fulfill the ceremonial worship of the Old Testament?  What does it mean that Christ serves as our High Priest?  What is apostasy and how can we avoid it?  A fantastic journey into the excellences of our salvation.
A study of pulpit principles that each speaker must master!  Students will actually deliver sermons and be evaluated.  A great workshop!
Homiletics II
A follow up on Homiletics I in which deeper principles are taught for effective pulpit work and more practice is done in the class of preaching.
Introduction to Apologetics  
Apologetics is the discipline of defending the Christian faith. Believers can be intelligent. There is a reasonableness to Christian faith. There is a foundation for believing. How can one demonstrate the existence of God? What are the alternatives to not believing? What is the history of atheism? How does God make Himself known today? How can one rise above doubt and skepticism?
An in-depth verse-by-verse study of this great epistle describing practical Christian living.
The Weeping Prophet carried a heavy burden to guide God’s people through a time of national destruction. He also offered hope and divine promise. A great study in compassion, restoration and courageous faith.
The fourth gospel shows Christ in His deity and majesty. What an intimate narrative on the life of Jesus written from the disciple who was loved by Jesus! Small details are included in this gospel that are not found in the synoptic gospels.
Joshua – Judges
These two books together carry on the story of Israel as they move out of the wilderness and come into their land and occupy it. They teach lessons on leadership, faith, courage, deception, family dynamics and much more.
Knowing God
What are the basic characteristics of God and how does His nature determine our response? What disciplines nurture our fellowship with God? What path does God prescribe for us to know Him in a more intimate way?
Leadership Principles 
What are the qualities that make a church leader effective? What are the prominent theories of spiritual leadership? What are the pitfalls such leader faces? Profiles from Biblical history will be analyzed.
Leviticus, The Way to Wholeness
This was the ministry manual for the Priests. How does it speak to Christians today who are a “Royal Priesthood?” Attention will be given to the Tabernacle and how it pictures Christ and the Christian life. Study will be made of the five sacrifices and their spiritual applications. A description of the garments of the priest and their rights and duties will be given. The dietary laws will be analyzed in the light of New Testament principles. This is a fantastic study that leads the believer to maturity and completeness.
This third Gospel portrays Jesus as the perfect man who loved to tell stories and relate to common humanity. A beautiful picture of Jesus that reveals Him as the friend of sinners.
Master’s Men
A look at the twelve disciples and the uniqueness of each one. Why did Jesus choose these? How did Jesus teach and train these “Fishers of men?” What strengths and weaknesses did each possess?
So many lessons of leadership come out of this story of Nehemiah leading God’s people in rebuilding the walls of the city and organizing the community in a spirit of revival. Nehemiah faced obstacles and opposition but he overcame. What strategies did he employ to achieve God’s purpose?
New Testament Survey 
A panoramic view of the New Testament messages, doctrines, personalities, and problems of interpretation. A study of the main theme of each of the 27 books of the New Testament.
Old Testament Survey
A book by book overview! What is the theme, author, outline, significance, audience of each book? A necessary study for foundational knowledge.
Pastoral Care Consultation
How can we provide counseling to people who are facing special crisis? How can we minister to people walking through bereavement, despair, illness, divorce, parental stress and other pressure-packed situations?
Person and Work of Christ 
A study of the nature of Christ, His pre-figurement in the Old Testament, His character, the main events of His life, the theme of His teachings, and the grand purpose of His coming.
Person and Work of Christ II
Same as I, but extended.
Philippians – Colossians
Philippians is a study in joy through right thinking. This is a great journey to examine the attitudes of our minds. Many practical insights for successful Christian living. Colossians preserves us in right doctrine and guards us against many distractions. This is a thorough examination of these two wonderful books of the Bible.
Pilgrim Psalms 
Psalms 120 – 134 were sung by Israel as they journeyed to the Holy City three times a year for special worship. These Psalms show us how to prepare for the weekly experience of worship and provide practical instruction as the believer makes a journey from earth to the heavenly City of God.
Prayer Principles
Prayer is the believer’s buried treasure. How we must dig out this treasure and put it into circulation. What are the principles behind prevailing prayer? What biblical models will help us to understand prayer? What components go into prayer? Why do some prayers seem to go unanswered? How does prayer relate to the sovereign purposes of God? How can one turn prayer from duty to delight?
Probing Parables
Jesus told 35 parables that press us to examine the validity of our faith. These stories give us windows into the nature of God, the meaning of the Kingdom, the dynamics of discipleship, the environment of the end-time and much more.
What chronology does the Bible give us for future things? What different schools of interpretation determine various views in eschatology? What can we expect as Christians as we move forward in time?
Reasons to Believe
Apologetics is a great discipline within biblical academics. How can we defend our faith in an age of skepticism? What answers do we have for those who would question the validity of the Christian claims? What arguments make the Bible intellectually respectable?
Many have shunned this book because of fear. So many have mishandled this book. Here is a broad survey that will clarify some main issues concerning its interpretation. What do the symbols mean? What is the chronology of the book and how does it match other places of Scripture? How does it outline the story of God’s prophetic future? Are these the last days? Do we see the fulfillment of prophecy even now?
Romans is the key book of the New Testament in understanding the plan of God for mankind. Many great themes will be studied: total depravity, general revelation, justification, sanctification, the place of the law, spiritual living, security, the role of Israel, evangelism, Christian service, and much more.
Sermon on the Mount 
This has been called the “Constitution of Christianity.”  Here are keys of kingdom living.  A close analysis of each sentence found in Matthew chapters 5-7.
Studies in Isaiah
A precious Book of Prophecy that is filled with Messianic pictures and predictions. How is the book outlined and what are the historical situations that explain the utterances of the Prophet? What practical instructions come out of the teaching of this book?
Studies in Salvation 
Salvation is a deep and broad subject that includes redemption, election, predestination, grace, faith, repentance, propitiation, atonement, preservation, perseverance, adoption, regeneration, and glorification.
Spiritual Warfare 
Who is Satan and what are his objectives? What devices does his employ? How can believers withstand attacks from the enemy? Attention will be given to demonology, prayer, angels, temptation, and much more.
Tabernacle Truths
The tabernacle that served as a tent of meeting between God and His covenant people stood as a testimony to many great spiritual truths. We can see Jesus in that structure as well as many great lessons on worship and discipleship. How was the tabernacle constructed and how does it typify Christ and provide insights for spiritual worship? What tabernacle truths find fulfillment in the new covenant?
Ten Commandments and Today’s Crisis
Does the Decalogue have moral authority for today? If so, how is it to be interpreted and applied? How does it relate to the NT and what controversies surround it throughout church history?
The Bible and Finances
The Bible has much to say about our attitude toward money and principles for financial increase. What dangers are connected with money? What strategy can be employed to prosper? What do we do with our prosperity?
The Life of David 
This course will follow the life of David from the time he was anointed by Samuel until his death. Attention will be given to the major developments of his life and how God providentially trained, protected and provided for him. David had seasons of great faith and seasons of disturbing doubt. He had moments of courage and moments of cowardice. He enjoyed great victories and suffered humiliating defeats. There is much we can learn from his journey. What qualities did he possess that made him an incredible leader?
The Holy Spirit 
Who is the Holy Spirit? What are His attributes? What was His mission in the Old Testament era? What is His mission in the world and the Church in modern times? What is the fruit of the Spirit? What are the gifts of the Spirit? What does it mean to sin against the Spirit? How can one be filled with and empowered by the Spirit?
The Meaning of Marriage
The marriage relationship faces great stress and struggle in this complex society! How can a couple safeguard their relationship and ensure happiness and permanence? How can a marriage survive financial pressure, infidelity, temptations, daily pressures, communication challenges, definition of roles, social expectations and spiritual mandates? A very practical Biblical study for helping marriages survive, recover and repair.
Theology of Counseling
An insightful introduction into the ministry of counseling and how the Bible functions as the authority to establish guidance for Christian behavior and thinking.
The Prophets Speak Today
A study of the Major and Minor Prophets, beginning with Isaiah and ending with Malachi. What was the personality and message of each Prophet? What was their historical situation? How does their message relate to the church today?
Truths the Cults Have Twisted 
A focus on the truths the cults twist. What is the definition of a cult and how can they be identified? What are the practical characteristics of cultic behavior? A close look at some of the major cults of today.
Victorious Christian Living 
How can a Christian live in holiness, joy, productivity and balance? What are the main obstacles facing Christians today and how does God equip His people to be more than conquerors?
What is the Bible 
Can we trust the Bible to be the authoritative Word of God? What are the marks that demonstrate the Bible to be a supernatural book? How does the idea of “inspiration” relate to the human element in the writing and preserving of Scripture? Why do we accept our present 66 books in the canon? What about various translations of the Bible? What are the rules for properly interpreting Scripture?
Worship Dynamics
What are the various forms of worship? What is the meaning of liturgy, convergence and contemporary worship? What are the Bible principles and examples of true worship? Focus will be given to the attributes of God, the object of our worship.
You and your Personality 
There are four main personality types with twelve blends. It is of practical value to know these categories so we can learn to respect people who are different from us and learn to harmonize with them. Also, it is helpful to know why we act like we do.


Dimensions of Discipleship 
What are the practical implications of following Christ? How does one develop the disciplines of Christian living? How does one achieve balance and wholeness in life? How can one be effective in prayers and joyful in stewardship? What does it mean to be like Christ?
Facets of the Future
Study will be made of prophetic themes, such as the Rapture, the Tribulation Period, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the career of the Anti-Christ, signs of the end-time, Daniel’s eschatological visions, the Battle of Armageddon, The Second Coming of Christ, The Millennial Reign of Christ, and much more. Various views will be considered.
Keys to Spiritual Growth 
A study of Christian maturity and how to achieve it. Attention will be given to physical wellness, financial wisdom, mental health, and personal integrity.
Effective Leadership
What is the definition of leadership and various descriptions? What special dangers face the role of leaders and what does the Bible say about leadership principles?
Wisdom Books
A study of the books of the Old Testament ranging from Joshua through Song of Solomon.  Each book will be observed to identify theme and development.
The Life of Moses – Ministry Dynamics 
What a thrill to follow the journey of Moses and learn principles for successful godly leadership. His personality will be studied and how God developed him. What influenced and shaped Moses? What was the significance of the Exodus and the plagues? What Psalms did Moses write? What problems did he encounter in the wilderness and how did he solve them? This is a practical study.
Disciplines that Grow Godliness
What is godliness and how do we train for it? What are the classical disciplines that must be built into each schedule for spiritual muscles to be developed? This is a highly practical study that will encourage, motivate and instruct.
This is the Epistle of the Church. What is the correct theology for Ecclesiology? Paul shares great truths regarding the theology of church life and imparts practical instruction on managing a triumphant church.
Practical instruction on how to worship; how to pray; how to handle money; how to overcome stress; how to tame temptation; how to defuse depression; and
much more.
Mastering Preaching Skills
A technical look at the dynamics of public speaking. Voice tone, physical gestures, and facial expressions will be considered. How does a speaker relate to the audience? How can a sermon be constructed in a way that will capture attention? What obstacles must a preacher face in sharing a message?
Miracles with a  Message
The Gospel of John records seven of the miracles of Christ and labels them as “signs.” What does this word mean and how are we to perceive Christ because of these miracles? How do these miracles harmonize and how do they speak to our daily lives?
Contemporary Christianity
The church today faces many unique situations! What modern questions are raised that demand answers from the Christian community? How can the church be relevant without compromising gospel truth? What methods and techniques can be used in evangelism that will have the sanction of God? A great study!
Bible and Science
How do the Bible and science harmonize? Does history show some tension between the two groups? What mistakes have the church made in the past in relationship to scientific discovery? What challenges does the scientific community bring to biblical authority today? How does the church respond to modern theories that discredit the teaching of the Bible?
What is the Church?
Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her. What is this love affair all about? How does the Bible define the church? What is the purpose and vision of the church? What is the authority and power of the church? What should be the liturgy of the church? What should be the government of the church? How should the church handle sacraments?
Apologetics II
Same as I but extended
Christ’s Present Ministry
Jesus said “It is Finished” from the cross! But that does not mean that His ministry if finished. He now carries on a very specific ministry from the heavens. What is this ministry and how do we avail ourselves of these royal offices?
Sacred Secrets
Paul shares with us 16 mysteries in his New Testament letters. These are truths that were not revealed in the OT but now revealed in apostolic times. What are they and how do they affect our discipleship?
Influence and Impact of Christianity
Christianity has changed society in so many ways. How has Christianity affected the status of women, the institution of slavery, the treatment of children, the condition of families, the place of education, the writing of constitutions, and much more.
Harmonizing Bible and Psy
The Bible provides much insight into the behavior of people! Why do people act the way they do? Scripture is the authority for defining action and understanding motivation. It also sets forth eternal truth that sets people free. How does the Bible correspond and conflict with modern theories on human psychology? What theories need to be adopted, sanctified, or dismissed?
Deeper Studies on the Cross
The cross is the center piece of the Bible! Different theories have been proposed concerning atonement. What theories are heretical and what theories are biblical? What OT passages picture the cross? What do the Gospel narratives show us about the true meaning of the crucifixion and what actually took  place? How can Christians today live within the power and influence of the cross?
Select Psalms 
The Psalms  carry a variety of topics that relate to depression, worship, failure, renewal, healing, corporate ministry, deliverance, and much more. A wide range of topics will be discussed from the perspective of the Psalms.
Growing Healthy Churches
Church growth must be defined biblically! Growth does not just mean bigger, but more developed. There is a quality that must be achieved and preserved! How can a church mature in the graces and activities of God?
Keys to Pastoral Success
A pastor must measure up to biblical standards. The description of a shepherd is clearly pictured in the Bible. How can a pastor function in ministry in a way that is pleasing to God? What tools, strategies, skills and training are necessary for productivity in fulfilling the sacred call of God?

Studies in Sanctification

Holiness is a scary doctrine for many! But it should be lovely since the Bible talks about the beauty of holiness. What is sanctification and how is it experienced? How can one pursue holiness and avoid legalism and the guilt trap? How can one seek sanctification and be protected from churches that abuse? A practical study on God’s methods of cleansing His people.
A study that shows the sufficiency of Christ and how other forces and influences will try to distract us from that sense of completeness in Him. Also, a practical guide in building family life and personal holiness.

Studies in Jude

This is the vestibule to the Book of Revelation. A real warning concerning the apostasy that crescendos at the time of the Second Coming. Practical guidance is given for survival in the pressures of the Last Days.
Strategy for Successful Ministry
How does God equip His people for a ministry that is both relevant to modern life and true to biblical models? How can a servant of God be prepared for the special challenges we face in contemporary times?
Supernatural Transformation and Spiritual Formation
How does God work to bring real change to our lives? How does He promote growth and Christ -likeness? How can we cultivate the changes and cooperate with divine action?
Crisis Intervention
Ministry involves stepping in when people face the crisis of death, divorce, sickness, bankruptcy, location change, injuries, lawsuits and more. What does a Christian say? What therapy method will work? How does God work in these situations?
Strengthening and Lengthening your Ministry  
Each believer is called to perform a function in the Body of Christ. How can that ministry find deeper meaning and the be enlarged and expanded? What principles and ideas energize a ministry that increases and abounds?
Developing Dynamic Faith
Faith has often been misunderstood! The Bible tells us what faith means and what we can expect from a life of faith. What is faith in balance? What are the conquests of faith? What are the challenges of faith? How can faith be nurtured?
Learning from Proverbs
The proverbs are short and spicy sentences that are easy to memorize. They provide wisdom for daily life. The Book of Proverbs  contains many different subjects, including; money, family, wisdom, foolishness, temptation, motherhood, fatherhood, alcoholism, laziness, enterprises, worship, and much more.
Providence of God
God exercises an invisible hand in this world as He shapes it according to His eternal plan. What different theories come out of the doctrine of providence? What practical lessons can be learned from this doctrine? What Bible stories illustrate this truth?