About CCC

Why should I enroll?

A degree from CCC will give a student the personal satisfaction of completing a formal higher-education program, the dignity of holding a degree from a recognized college, the knowledge for more effective ministry, and the educational credibility that increases marketability for employment.

May all Christians enroll?

CCC specializes in educating, not indoctrinating. CCC is a non-denominational, independent college. The basic and essential doctrines of Christianity will be taught with emphasis upon effective practical ministry. Christians from a wide variety of backgrounds will enjoy the rich diversity and common faith that is promoted within the fellowship of the College.

What is the cost?

Undergraduate  $50 per credit hour
Graduate           $65 per credit hour
Postgraduate    $65 per credit hour, plus research phase fees.

When do classes meet?

Courses that require a weekly class will meet once a week for 10 consecutive weeks. Courses that require a seminar format will meet on an announced Saturday near the beginning of the semester.

Where do classes meet?

The CCC campus is located in the Family Life Center of Waldorf, Maryland, at 11150 Berry Road.

What is the authorization status of CCC?

Calvary Christian College satisfies all of the criteria for the status of a religious degree-granting institution as set forth in Section 11-202 of the Education Article. CCC is exempt by the State of Maryland and is not licensed by the State or Federal Government. CCC is not on the U.S.  Department of Education list. CCC is a legitimate College with legal allowance from the Government to operate as a Bible College.  Degrees from CCC do not permit a person to sit for a State counseling license or for State certification for teaching public schools.

Explanation Regarding Accreditation, Transferability, and Recognition

CCC offers degree programs solely for religious vocations and is not required to have traditional accreditation. The separation of church and state is very important for Bible colleges to exercise freedom in ministry and teaching.

Most religious ministries and employers in the private sector do recognize religious degrees. However, under the Constitution of the United States, no one can be forced to hire anyone they choose not to employ. Some vocations require specialized skills and training and demand education at specified schools. It would be wise to consult in advance with the employers of desired vocations to determine what is required for being hired. Generally, a Bachelor’s degree of any nature will increase a person’s marketability for sacred or secular work, because that degree represents the perseverance of a formal education.

Degrees earned at CCC may transfer to other colleges, but it is important to realize that all colleges and universities, whether accredited or not, including CCC, reserve their sovereign right to determine what credits or degrees they will transfer into their institution. In this respect, accreditation never means automatic transfer of credits to any institution. Any inquiring student can contact other schools to determine if CCC credits would be received as transfer. 

CCC is a member of the Council of Private Colleges of America. This is an agency that inspects our campus and files and assures the public of quality. The CPCA has a website that states their standards: www.cpca-edu.us.  CCC is in compliance with all of the high standards of this organization.

It is incumbent upon prospective students to prayerfully consider where God would have them attend college.